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Footy Performance S&C Program

Footy Performance S&C Program

Vida Fitness is excited to announce our new athlete development Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning Program.

Athlete development or sports performance strength and conditioning is about developing key athletic skills that are at first fundamental, and then specific to someone’s sport or sporting position. All athletes need to learn how to squat, lunge, hinge, push, and pull for strength while gaining appropriate flexibility and mobility. All athletes need to learn how to move efficiently; run, land, jump, hop, stabilize, accelerate, decelerate etc.

For junior athletes, learning these fundamentals takes time, and needs to be consistently worked on and monitored. A strength and conditioning program should develop the athlete’s strength, ability to move effectively and efficiently, and then specific qualities that are important for their chosen sport.

This program is designed to help develop each individual to give them the best chance of achieving their goals in sport. This is not a quick fix, do it once program. This is about developing athletes to have long term results, improve sporting performance, reduce injuries, creating training habits and increase their love for the game.

The program also enables the junior athlete to be surrounded by like-minded people, creating an environment to thrive and achieve. The Vida Fitness vision is to create life opportunities for each individual through exceptional experiences.

Who should do this program?

  • If you are a junior sporting athlete aged between 15 & 18 looking to develop yourself to achieve an increase in performance and achieve your goals, this is the program for you.

Who is Dan Bailey?

  • Dan is a strength and conditioning coach with a background in track and field. As a junior Dan represented Australia in the Decathlon at the underage World Championships, in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
    He now coaches a private track and field squad of national-level hurdlers and sprinters. He was Head of Strength and Conditioning, Athletics and Track and Field at Carey Baptist Grammar School for 5 years before taking a full-time position with Richmond Football Club as an AFL strength coach and VFL Performance Manager.
    Dan has also worked in the Richmond AFLW program since its inception in 2018. Dan has a Bachelor of Sports Science from ACU, a level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach, and an Athletics Australia Level 2 Advanced Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, and Jumps Coach.
    Dan’s strengths include running/movement mechanics, technical lifting coaching, and performance programming from the developing athlete to the elite.

So what is in the program?

  • Initial one on one consultation to ensure the athlete meets the criteria and is a good fit for the program
  • Individualised S&C program
  • Access to your personal program via the Teambuildr App
  • Gym access and in gym support from the Vida Fitness team
  • Program monitoring
  • Program Update and small group tech/education session every 6 to 8 weeks

When does the program start?

  • Our first intake will start from Monday the 14th of December 2020

Can I start at any time during the year?

  • Yes you can start at any stage. The best time to start was yesterday, but the next best time to start is today. After you have done your initial individual assessment you will receive your program and complete the remaining weeks of the 6 to 8 week block.

How do I get access to my program in the APP?

  • You will be sent details on how to create and log into your program via email.

How do I register?

  • To register, simply click on the following link and select the Sports Performance S&C Program membership option and set up your account.
  • CLICK HERE to join

How do I get access to the gym?

  • As a member, you are able to receive a FOB which gives you access to the gym between opening hours. The FOB can be arranged with the Vida team for a $20 refundable deposit.

What is the cost of the program?

  • $44 per week billed fortnightly
  • Speak to us about a 6 month or yearly price if you prefer

How is the payment made?

  • The program will be billed fortnightly via direct debit through your membership account. Please speak with the Vida team if you would like to pay for the program upfront for a year.

What if I need help understanding my program?

  • If you are unsure about any part of your program or technical support, please feel free to speak to a Vida Fitness team member in the gym. Otherwise, email coach Dan and he will come back to you.
100 Words Mate to Mate & Vida Partnership

100 Words Mate to Mate & Vida Partnership

Did you know the biggest killer of men aged between 16 and 44 is…… themselves!

Each day 7 men in Australia take their own lives and another 82 men call an ambulance due to suicidal thoughts or attempts. We are sure you are all as shocked as us when we first heard these stats, and to be honest, it shocks us every time we have heard it since.

Vida is excited to announce our partnership with 100 Words Mate to Mate, as we look to help make a difference through awareness, connection, and education. Mental health has or will touch someone close to us all!

100 Words mate to mate’s vision is to create a national network of active local communities to improve men’s mental health and reduce male suicides. The mission is to create happier generations of men through real conversations and connections to local communities.

We aim to support 100 Words Mate to Mate to bring about the following outcomes:

  • Stronger Connections: We want males to get beyond the superficial discussions with each other and be open and honest about their mental health.
  • Reducing stigma: We want all parts of the community talking about suicide and mental health. Taking action to maintain good mental health and reduce judgment of those struggling.
  • Encouraging help-giving: We want more men to be confident and capable of checking in on those mates whom are experiencing emotional distress.
  • Encouraging help-seeking: We want people experiencing emotional distress to have a way to seek help from the people around them as early as possible.
  • Education: We want to create learning opportunities to build awareness of mental health issues, triggers, and tools to support those around them.


The Vida Vision for the partnership is to encourage guys to connect more with their mates, dads, brothers…all the good blokes in their lives! Tennis, sport, physical health, and fitness will be our vehicle for community connection, awareness creation, and education for men’s mental health. We want to promote long term sustainable community connection opportunities to create happier generations and prevent suicide.

Tennis, Fitness & Footy, for us, are the vehicles to connect our community and create sustainable programs.


To launch the partnership we will be hosting an event at the Veneto Club in Bulleen which will include tennis, fitness, footy, and sporting opportunities for the men in our community. Our aim will be for the men in our community to bring a mate along for the evening.
Following the sporting fun, there will be a social BBQ function, a guest speaker panel, and plenty of time to connect. On the night will introduce case studies, real-life experiences, and our ongoing Mate to Mate at 8 programs in 2021.

More details about this event will be made available in the coming weeks.

You can find out more about 100 words Mate to Mate on their website but first, you can view an interview with tennis player Sam Groth on their weekly mate to mate at 8 podcasts.

Sam actually played competition tennis for the Veneto Club at age 16 and 17 and was part of the club’s state grade team.

GPS Data Intensive 6 Week Footy Program

GPS Data Intensive 6 Week Footy Program

Vida Footy is excited to bring you this 6-week intensive training program focusing on GPS data to improve development & performance.

No longer are how many possessions a player gets good enough. The demand is for data that reveals how players affected the contest and whether they ran defensively once the ball was turned over, giving a better indication of how individual players and teams, in general, are tracking.

The data now readily available includes repeat sprints, overall distance covered during a match, and work rate. “Teams can plan training sessions based on game data, replace generic fitness testing with footy-specific drills and use the data for recruiting purposes, so they know when an U18 player is ready to perform like a senior player.”Mr Westover said Catapult Sport

The program will run for 6 weeks and feature three sessions per week where all players in the program will be wearing GPS trackers to monitor their running and repeat efforts. The stats will be made available for the players and training sessions will be designed around the results of the data. The focus areas of the program will be

  • Intensive running
  • Skill and fundamental development
  • Strength, speed, and agility
  • contested ground ball – developing body positioning
  • contested marking – developing body positioning

There will be two age brackets for the sessions with a cap number of 10 per group (due to restrictions)

  • Group 1 – 11 to 14 years old
  • Group 2 – 15 to 18 years old

The details

  • Location: Veneto Club Bulleen or Ford Park Ivanhoe – To be confirmed
  • Start Date: Tuesday 10th November
  • Last Session Date: Sunday 20th December
  • Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
  • Session Times:
    • Group 1 – Tue & Thu 4.30pm to 6.00pm, Sunday 10.00am to 11.30am
    • Group 2 – Tue & Thu 6.00pm to 7.30pm, Sunday 11.30am to 1.00pm

Due to limited places, if you are wanting to join this program please register quickly, as once we are full, we can not take any further players.

Sporting Clubs In Victoria Encouraged To Apply For Grants

Sporting Clubs In Victoria Encouraged To Apply For Grants

Sporting clubs from across Victoria are being urged to apply for funding to boost their equipment, skills and administration expertise.

Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence announced that applications are now open for the latest round of the Victorian Government’s 2020-21 Sporting Club Grants Program. The grants provide clubs with up to $1,000 for new uniforms and equipment, up to $5,000 for the training of coaches, officials and volunteers and up to $5,000 to improve club operational effectiveness.

The funding will help people of all ages and abilities take part in grassroots sport, no matter where they live, and is a great boost for clubs during the coronavirus pandemic. The Sporting Club Grants Program is part of the Government’s commitment to make sport more accessible and inclusive, build sustainable sport and recreation, and increase local participation. The Government has provided more than 4,300 sporting club grants across the state, totaling more than $5.9 million.

For more information on the grants and how to apply – CLICK HERE

This grant opportunity could be used towards the upskilling of workshops for coaches, promotional material, strategy, and more.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence.

“Restrictions have had a heavy impact on participation in community sport but that hasn’t stopped the people behind our clubs from continuing to work for their communities.”

“We’re making sure that clubs have the resources they need to invest in new equipment and uniforms, to train their people and to plan for a strong future.”

“I encourage all local clubs to take this opportunity for the benefit of players, supporters and volunteers across the state.”

Clean Hands with Matthew Rowell

Clean Hands with Matthew Rowell

Key points around Ground Ball 

  • Cleans hands ( 1 touch ) 
  • Always look to get low using your legs 
  • Spread fingers and get dirt in your fingernails when picking up the ball  
  • Eyes always on the ball   
  • Footwork, always adjusting feet prior to picking the ball up 
  • Create challenges how many effective ground balls eg 1TOUCH and handballs can you do without error in 60sec

Start Point 

  • 1.5 meter apart  Rowell to pick GB up and HB back while partner rolls ball left to right continuous effort after 60sec swap over  
  • Working on footwork and continuous movement  ( EFFORT ) 
  • When you HB back keep alternating hands and feet 
  • Increase the length and speed of drill  

Progression 1

  • Start behind the cone while your partner rolls the ball out for you to run towards once you receive GB and then HB back you must backpedal around the cone going the other way 
  • Increase the speed adding in more pressure ( EFFORT ) 
  • Keep a focus with your footwork eg Right HB = LF Left HB = RF 
  • Increase the length of handball when comfortable 

Progression 2

  • Two balls required  – Clean hands ( 1 TOUCH ) 
  • One handballs the other hits the ball back with the footy making it challenging 
  • Alternate hands and increase the speed as you become comfortable 
  • Footwork really important always be on your toes  
  • Increase the speed and  length of handball when comfortable ( EFFORT ) 

Progression 3

  • One Ball required – Rowell starts with ball 
  • HB to your partner who then taps the ball to an area making you work to pick the GB up 
  • The player tapping the ball must look to challenge their EFFORT and change of  direction to work on agility 
  • Requires a high work rate in a small area ( EFFORT )