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St Marys Greensborough Junior Football Club have been fortunate to have VIDA Football assist the club with our junior development program. With 24 boys & girls sides in the YJFL ranging from U9’s through to U17 Colts for boys and U18 Youth for Girls, VIDA Football has been instrumental in assisting our Football Department provide the resources for our Coaches to help them develop our players. St Marys GJFC enjoy a great working relationship with Vince, Justin & Anthony at VIDA and as Head of Football at St Marys GJFC I strongly recommend their services for any junior football club.

Glen Costello

Head of Football, St Mary’s Greensborough Junior Football Club

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100 Words Mate to Mate & Vida Partnership

100 Words Mate to Mate & Vida Partnership

Did you know the biggest killer of men aged between 16 and 44 is…… themselves! Each day 7 men in Australia take their own lives and another 82 men call an ambulance due to suicidal thoughts or attempts. We are sure you are all as shocked as us when we first heard...

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GPS Data Intensive 6 Week Footy Program

GPS Data Intensive 6 Week Footy Program

Vida Footy is excited to bring you this 6-week intensive training program focusing on GPS data to improve development & performance. No longer are how many possessions a player gets good enough. The demand is for data that reveals how players affected the contest...

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