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What we do

At Vida Footy, we foster exceptional experiences in football. From players to coaches, our programs help develop the individual, the coach and the club.
Campbell Brown at a Vida Holiday Camp

Holiday Programs

Vida Footy Programs are run each school holiday period or over a long weekend and offer a great opportunity for players to develop their skills and get a high volume of education over consecutive days. The programs encompass a variety of themes giving players experience in all aspects of the modern game. These include:

  • Skill development with Video Analysis for players to see themselves in a closed skill and open skill situation
  • Game-based activities challenging their decision-making process
  • Tackling technique
  • Current & Former AFL and TAC players sharing their experiences
  • Establish goalkicking routines
  • Dynamic Warm up’s
  • Cooldown recovery phase
  • Modern game drills and activities
  • Ball handling activities with and without pressure

Each player will achieve a greater understating of the game by having an opportunity to get a high volume of quality education. These programs are designed to add value to your current football experiences and elevate the player to another level. It is a great opportunity to get involved in a program with a different range of players with various experiences, in a learning environment.

From all our experiences of coaching junior & elite players in various sports in Australia & overseas, we have seen that it is our role to provide the environment & education, and the player’s role to absorb, experience and give effort. These two factors help players achieve their goals.

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Private Sessions

Private skill development sessions take place throughout the year and can be 30min, 45min or 60min in length.

The sessions provide the opportunity for the individual to get a clear understanding of their fundamental technical development through the use of video analyses. Players learn how to continually repeat the skill in a closed skill collaborative environment, followed by open skill under pressure.

From all our experiences of coaching junior & elite players in various sports in Australia & overseas, we have seen that it is our role to provide the environment & education, and the player’s role to absorb, experience and give effort. These two factors help players achieve their goals.

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Campbell Brown at a Vida Holiday Camp

Skill Development Sessions

The Team

Vida Footy offers specialised Skill Development Sessions with professional, trained coaches, headed by Vince Dattoli, Anthony Rocca, Matthew Signorello, Jess Dal Pos and Saverio Rocca.


What To Expect?

The coach will go through the fundamentals of all the skills in footy, covering all aspects of the game.  Using video analysis as one of the skill development tools, we will create a Personal Player Profile (PPI) to track the improvement and identify key issues with each player.
All sessions run by the Vida Coaching Team will focus on getting the most out of each child’s ability. All sessions are individually tailored to each player.  Therefore, if your child has just started their development the Vida team will modify the program to suit.  Additionally, if your child is showing elite skill sets, we can take them to the next level.

When will these sessions start?

Skill development sessions continue all year round! Check the Program Calendar for all the upcoming session dates. Currently, we are running sessions throughout the week at various locations. If you are interested in doing a kicking session this term or next, please contact us – [email protected] or fill in the contact form here

Jesse at Vida Footy

Club Coach Education & Team Training

Throughout years of being part of junior sporting development, Vida is well positioned to provide coaches, clubs, and players with the tools for coaching, player, and club development. Vida has a proven record in player and coach development for over two decades. Give your club the plan, processes, and resources to help grow the game, the player, the coach, and your club. Vida Footy will enable you to log in to our coach development website to view lesson plans, video tutorials, video activities and so much more. We also offer master class days to continually support all coaches and assistant coaches.


Benefits to the coach

  • Coaches have the support they need to develop young players
  • Connects their team on and off the field
  • Work with like-minded passionate coaches and industry leaders
  • Easy to use, mobile-friendly coaching tool
  • Peace of mind of knowing there is a clear structure

Benefits for the player

  • A consistent message from all coaches as kids move into the next age group
  • Quality training sessions to maximize development
  • Fun, well constructed, meaningful training sessions
  • New and exciting activities at training

Benefits to the club

  • Provides structure & direction for your club
  • Enable sustainable club growth and player development
  • Develops your junior talent
  • Helps with player retention
  • Happier parents knowing their child is getting the best coaching possible

Team training sessions

This is a great way for your team to develop their skills having one of the Vida Footy team take the session. It is also a great way to have coaches see first hand how we engage, implement and develop skills at all ages and levels. The sessions provide both upskilling for the players and the team coaches.

Vida Footy will bring extra equipment, balls, resources and more.

What are Master Class Coach Development Days?

Master Class events will take place at the start of the junior footy season to ensure all your club/team coaches are ready, well planned and on the same page. They are coach development sessions lead by industry experts and will cover a range of topics to further educate coaches and helpers in providing the best possible skill and player development for their team.  All coaches at your club or school are invited to Master Classes as well as assistant coaches or helpers that want to further their coaching knowledge as well.

Topics such as communication, coach development, skill acquisition and explanation, movement, and coaching philosophies are all covered. These sessions are designed to help coaches engage in educational ways of thinking with like minded coaches.

All the follow-up videos, lesson plans, and supporting material from Master Class sessions are available on the club’s membership platform for later use.