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Very soon we will see the first official Women’s AFL season.  What a great thing for AFL Footy and women in particular.  For too long girls had to stop playing at a certain age as it was considered a man’s game. Not now!  Over the last year Vida Footy has begun putting time and effort into helping grow the women’s side of the game, and now our Holiday Program and Skills Session have plenty of girls participating.  Furthermore, we have provided girl specific training programs to junior clubs in Melbourne to try and encourage more girls to sign up for the 2017 season.

If you want to find out more about how you can sign up please click here. 

Over the summer, we received an email from a young lady named Claire.  Initially, we thought it was someone signing up their child for a skills session.  Well, it turned out Claire wanted to improve her kicking and skills for the 2017 season.  Claire has worked with Vince for about 6 sessions, mainly working on her kick technique so she can take back to her local club.  As you can see from the video below she made some huge improvements over a small amount of time!  Well done Claire, and good luck this season.



Claire was also nice enough to write the following after her experience with Vince and the Vida Team.


“After playing AFL for 5 years, I felt that I had reached a point where my skills, particularly kicking, were holding me back. I was frustrated by the fact that, despite my best efforts, I was unable to make improvements in this area.
My decision to get in touch with the VIDA team has helped me to become a more versatile footballer. Even during my very first session, I was able to see significant improvements.

Vince is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate coach. In 6 short sessions, he was able to completely re-program my kicking technique. Vince genuinely believes in your ability and will work hard with you to improve and find consistency in your skills.

Vince uses an open and transparent approach to player development; at all stages of the process, he provided clear, accessible steps and regular feedback. Vince showed me how to use video analysis as an empowering tool to help self-evaluate my technique. He also provided me with a program so that I could continue my development outside of our one on one sessions.

These resources have equipped me with the skills I need to continue fine tuning my skills during the season.

The VIDA team will happily tailor individual or group sessions and are invested in helping you find improvement and reach your goals. I can’t thank Vince enough for the guidance and support he has shown me.

 I’m looking forward to the upcoming season!”

Again, for more information about how Vida can help the women of Footy, please contact us with through the form below.

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