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One of the skills that often gets forgotten at training is tackling.  Teaching your players the best ways to tackle can be a crucial skill that helps the team overall, as well as the personal development each boy or girls gets. Recently, with the new rules on bumping and sling tackling, the tackle needs to be even more precise and therefore developed just as much as key skills such as kicking and hand-balling.


There are two main ways in which to teach the tackle:


1. Isolated, closed skill.


This is where you can really focus on the technical component of the tackle.  Making sure your players learn to protect themselves, and also the person they are tackling.


The main technical things to convey are:

– Lead with your shoulder and the same side leg (left shoulder, left leg)

– Watch the hips of the opponent

– When tackling from behind, turn player to the side


There are several videos available to Vida members that assist with learning to tackle:

Tackling Technique no ball 

Tackle evade with help


2. Open, Game sense 


Once your players have a greater understanding of the technical aspects of the tackle, it’s important to practice the skill in an open environment, where real simulations from the weekend can take place.


Both players tackling, and players getting tackled need to know how to execute the skill, therefore the below activities will help in that area.



More videos for Vida members:


Tackle Square Roll and Tackle 

Tackling Square with Hand-ball 

Handball Grid with Mini Goals