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Our resident kicking specialist, Sav Rocca had an article published by the Herald Sun by reporter Jay Clark talking about the importance of specialized skills training in footy.  At Vida footy, we belive in doing the extra work in making sure skills are developed at a young age.  When Sav came on board, we continued our weekly Skills Sessions with great results.

Despite the increased professionalism in the game, Champion Data statistics reveal set shot goal kicking accuracy has got worse over the last decade.

But Rocca, currently working at the Blues this year, is adamant proper goal kicking coaching would improve a team’s scoring by about two goals a game.

“It’s only a couple of little things you need to tweak here and there and you can really get a huge benefit out of it,” Rocca told the Herald Sun.

“But it’s getting someone who can really pinpoint what’s going on when players are missing goals and really fine tune.

“I’m talking mainly set shots.

Kicking Session - Sav Rocca


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