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Kicking Technique with Anthony Rocca.

Thanks for reading and learning about how to identify and correct the 5 main kicking deficiencies in junior players. Now that we have come to an end, Anthony will explain with the help of Hugo, how to put all these skills together.


Kicking Skill Development Activities.

This Kick and Hold Activity is a great way to focus on the technique of the kick.  The player can see and feel where there body is throughout the kick, and also after the kick.  The main focus points of this activity are to hold the follow through, making sure the foot is pointing to the intended target and to make sure the ball drop hand is low.



This next activity focuses even more on the technical side of a drop punt kick.  Using a tennis ball or something of similar size, get your player to work on the key kicking components.   Using the tennis ball will enable your player to grip the ball to its lowest point without loosing grip.  Your player should also try a to kick the ball straight and even get it to spin backwards.




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