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If your team is playing in the finals this weekend, well done!  What a great opportunity to get your players used to the added pressure of finals footy.  There will be plenty of emotions from players, parents and coaches, but it is important to remember it is still junior footy, and the main goal of junior footy is development.


Skill development should never be overlooked, and if you see someone at training doing something wrong, you should still fix it.  However, the main focus this week should be on game plan, touch and game sense activities. Game sense activities will get your players used to game simulation throughout the week, therefore getting them ready for the weekend.

Below are some great activities available for Vida members for a game sense themed week.  Good luck to all teams in the finals!

Triple Handball Grid – Click here

Third person in, then exit – Click here 

15 Meter grid, then transition through defenders – Click here 

Handball grid, with I formation forwards – Click here

Defensive running – Click here

Feedback to runner – Click here