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As we look into the last few games of footy, it’s important to remember to still plan and have purpose behind every training session as we prepare for finals.

Skill development should never be overlooked, and if you see someone at training doing something wrong, you should still fix it.  However, the main focus this week should be on game plan, touch and game sense activities. Game sense activities will get your players used of game simulation throughout the week, therefore getting them ready for finals games.


Below are some more great activities for a game sensed themed week available to Vida members:


Active Warm up with Goal Kicking. – Click here 

Get your players moving with a dynamic warm up with goal kicking as part of the focus. This warm up gets your players ready for the session, as well as focusing on kicking goals from different angles.


Kicking Endzone – Click here 

A grid style activity aimed at getting players to practice either transitioning forward or backwards.  It’s also a great activity to get players to practice their zoning off or playing man on man.


Offensive and Defensive Transition. 

Similar to the end zone activity, but gets players to work both ways in a continual effort. This is great to emphasise two way running throughout a tough game.  It also enables you to work on communication, spread, and teamwork.