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Thanks to everyone which came along to the Holiday Program over the last few days.  Luckily for everyone involved, it stayed dry today which made it a really great day some really helpful and skilled coaches and guests.

A special thanks to Steele Sidebottom for coming down for the whole session today and staying longer to sign jumpers and chat with the kids.  Also thanks to Sav Rocca, Anthony Rocca and Justin Hawkins who also came throughout the Program to help upskill all the players.

Below are some photos from the three days!  Also, if you would like to continue your footy in the off-season, click here to take you to our Sav Skills Kicking Page to learn more about our term 4 and term 1 programs.  Additionally, congratulations to Hugo Boss, I mean Hugo Garcia and to Charlie Connell-Tobin who won a half hour kciking session with Sav.  We will be in contact to book in that session soon!

All players had their kicking technique shot with an ipad, and shown back to each player to review the main technical skills they need to improve one.  Ask your child, they should know!  Some of the main things we saw and that need to be improved were;

  • Ball grip (need to have both hands around outside of the ball and fingers pointed down)
  • Drop the ball with one hand below the hip
  • Lean forward when kicking
  • Point your toe to the target.

With tackling, the main thing to remember is when you are stepping forward with your right foot, your right shoulder should also lead.  This is something not many people know, so please make sure your child remembers this as it protects them when tackling.

Another main tactical focus at Vida, is making decisions and passing the ball on a 45 degree angle.  We encouraged players to swivel their heads to assess options side ways and on 45’s instead of bombing long to large contests.


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